J. W. Lassiter Lumber Co., Inc. of Cullomburg is proud to have been in business for over 100 years as well as
continuing on through four more generations of family members.

J.W. Lassiter, Sr. and his wife Bessie Jordan Lassiter founded the Lumber Company and Commissary in 1912.  The
Commissary continued in operation until it closed in 1977.

Lassiter Lumber Company began its logging with oxen and the lumber produced was hauled by mules.  After the
lumber was produced it was shipped by rail to its final destination.

During the depression, the Lumber Company continued to operate by paying the men in brozines, a small tin token.  
Using this token economy, the men in turn could buy what they needed from the commissary.

In 1934, Mrs. Bessie passed away.  The following year J.W. Lassiter, Sr. formed a partnership with his two sons, J.W.
(Wyman) Lassiter, Jr. and H.J. (Tobe) Lassiter who were still in high school at that time.  During World War II, Wyman
and Tobe were drafted into the service and their sister and her husband, Voncille and Mark Thigpen, and their
daughter, Mary Mark, moved to Cullomburg to be with Mr. John and helped him operate the business.  After the
war, both sons returned home and became active in the business with the others.  Voncille and Mark were killed in
an automobile accident in 1950.  Mr. John remained active in the business until his death in 1967 at the age of 87.

During the years of operating the business, Wyman was more active in the operation of the manufacturing and
shipping of the lumber and Tobe oversaw the operations of the timber growing land, farm, and cattle.

In 1973, Wyman and his wife Jean bought the sawmill and formed a new corporation known as J.W. Lassiter Lumber
Co., Inc.  The old corporation known as J.W. Lassiter Lumber Company, Inc., which consisted of the land, farm, and
cattle became known as Lassiter Land Company, Inc.  Tobe continued, up to his death in 1997, to oversee the land
and logging operations.  

As the company expanded and space became a problem, the planer mill was moved east across Highway 17 in
1963.  In 1977, a new all steel sawmill was built near the existing planer mill.  About 1990 the lumber company began
producing about 35% of its own electrical power.  The boiler uses wood waste as fuel in order to generate this

About twenty years ago Wyman turned most of the operations of the Lumber Company over to his two sons, John W.
Lassiter, III and Dwain Lassiter as well as his son-in-law Gene Kesling.

As time progressed Jean turned her office responsibility over to her daughter Wanda Kesling which made it
possible for Wyman and Jean to retire and move to Orange Beach.  In 2001 Wyman passed away.  About twelve
years ago John’s son-in-law, Eric Copeland, began working at the sawmill with John and now assumes the daily
responsibility of the sawmill.  John’s daughter, Jennifer, also works in the office.  In 2004, Dwain's son, Jordan,  
started working with him learning the operations.

In 2000, a new optimized edger system and rebuilt sling sorter system was added to the sawmill.  This greatly
reduced the hard physical labor at these two areas thus enabling the sawmill to process larger size logs which
yielded more high grade lumber and increased production.  Also, a new computer controlled dry kiln for the export
grade lumber was built at the same time.  In 2007 another low temperature kiln was added to dry prime lumber.  
Today the Lumber Company consist of the sawmill, planner mill, three dry kilns and boiler.

Approximately 80,000 board feet of pine is produced daily at the mill.  This lumber is sold both rough and dressed.  
It is sold on the export as well as domestic market.

In December 2013 Mr. Tim Farley of Tuscaloosa, AL purchased the mill.  The mill is now doing business as Lassiter
Lumber, LLC.  Mr. Farley also has several companies in the Tusacaloosa area:  
Farley's Forest Products, Alawood
Chip and Biomass, Inc., and Deep South Trucking.